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Hope BC


Hope, located roughly 150 kilometres from Vancouver, is situated at the very far east side of the Fraser Valley. Surrounded by mountains and wilderness, Hope leads travellers into the B.C. interior. For ATV enthusiasts, Hope has a lot to offer.

The Hope Nickel Mine has been a rider favourite for decades. Designated family riding areas, novice learning areas and experienced rider trails make it perfect for families or mixed-level groups of riders.

“This concentration of roads and forested trails has been appropriately tagged as the best family orientated, off road riding area in BC.”

Overview: The area consists of decommissioned forestry service roads, hydro access roads, and abandoned mining roads. With over 100 kilometres of loops and trails through the forest and mountains, there is something for everyone.

Other popular areas near Hope include Emory Creek, Mount Hope, Jones Lake, Skagit Valley and Sunshine Valley.

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