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Castle Park, Southern Alberta

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Some of Canada's best quadding trails for atv enthusiasts and off-road adventure seekers are in Alberta. Castle Park in Southern Alberta is just one such quad trail haven...

Beginning north from Waterton Lakes National Park running south of the Crowsnest Pass, this expansive backcountry is part of Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Park. There are a number of great quad trails throughout this range of park land which is open to quadding (ATV). The Carbondale area features approximately 120 - 130 km (75+ miles) of trails just in this one area. Other great area spots include Beaver Mines Lake, the 30+ km (20+ mile) Goat Creek Loop trail and the 30 km (18 mile) South Drywood Creek Trail.

“Campgrounds can be found within this quadding zone. From basic campsites for roughing-it, to serviced campsites for more comfort.”
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