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Crawford Bay, Kootenay Lake BC

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Whether you call it quadding or ATVing, you'll find spectacular off-road riding areas throughout the Kootenay Lake region. Our focus are some little known trails quietly hushed away by locals in the Crawford Bay area - the trail spider out into the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains.

Crawford Creek Road: Take Hwy 3A heading south away from Crawford Bay to Crawford Creek Road which will be on your left side. Keep to the right side on the “no through road” instead of following the mainline to the left will bring you to Crawford-Hooker FSR at the 5.5 km mark. Taking Crawford-Hooker will take you to a switchback with an overgrown road on the left that winds up the mountain. Back at the mainline, there is a fork to the right. This road switches back up a different mountain, to arrive at another fork. The left branch went to a old road in view of a glacier. The right fork's branch leads up over Rose Pass and travels down into the a pristine valley.

“The road system is very easy for quads. There are lots of side branches, glacial creeks to cool off in, and excellent views of mountain alpines.”

Campgrounds: The Kokanee Springs Resort, in Crawford Bay, offers overnight RV lot campsites. The resort property is spectacular. Golf is extraordinary. The restaurant, Woods' Pumphouse Grill, is a wonderful dining experience - the views from their patio are fantastic with wildlife strolling by frequently - not to mention the really great food they serve with a smile - there's quite a decent wine list as well.

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