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Edson Alberta — Quad-Friendly Camping At Pinnacle Trails Resort

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Camping and quadding are made for each other. They just go hand in hand like football games and tailgating. Camping with your toys can be a hassle with all the off-loading and loading of your quad toys, unless you're camped somewhere like Pinnacle Trails Resort east of Edson, where quadding right from your campsite is encouraged…

Plenty of crown land west of Edmonton means plenty of outdoor recreation, quad / ATV action and camping. Some of Alberta's best off road quad trails are in the Edson area with many trails going on for many, many miles every direction. Local RV campground resort, Pinnacle Trails Resort is 10-min east of Edson, and offers onsite trail access right from your campsite or RV lot.

“Pinnacle Trails Resort campground near Edson Alberta offers trailhead access right from your RV campsite with trails stretching out for miles and miles onto the crown land, which borders 3-sides of the campground property.”

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